SMARTer Machine

SMARTer Video AGV Oven Innolocker

Watch the video below to see how we manage to do it

What is AGV

AGV designed to perform their operations without direct human guidance that follows along magnetic tape on the floor or uses lidar for navigation.

While detected obstacles in front, its can make own decision which path is most suitable. It used in a wide variety of industrial applications like warehousing, hospital, pharmaceutical and so on.

Do More than just AGV
Make it SMARTer

Multiple Zone Control
When agv enter this zone they will execute specific events.
Bluetooth Zone
Entering this specific zone will start to broadcast bluetooth for opening door/close door purposes.
Speed Zone
Auto speed up or speed down when enter this speed zone to user defined limit.
Mutual Exclusive Zone
Acquire the route to only allow one agv to pass through.
Relocate Zone
Relocate agv to improve accuracy.
GuidedPath Zone
[Future Upgrade]
This allow the agv to follow specific route when enter this zone.
Mileage Log and Speed Log
Mileage log and speed log for motor maintenance.
Voltage and Current Log
Battery lifespan tracking and potential breakdown of battery detection.
Event Logging
Log all charging, running, communication failure and error event.

What is Smart Oven System

A Smarter Oven System designed to self-manage the oven process (curing, aging, drying, tempering) independently from human and even intelligent enough to interaction with human.

It not just an ordinary industry oven system that follow the temperature profile to execute PID and control the temperature, but able make own decision which profile is most suitable, how many threshold and limit to control and real time interaction with human for any abnormality. It’s widely used in semiconductor industry and material processing sectors.

Present the brand new
SMARTer Oven System
than never known before

Existing or old oven can be upgraded to SMARTer Oven.
Able to integrate with different system to archive full process control.
Automate manual human temperature tracking and handling process.
Secured System
Installed with door lock control, fingerprint and badge scanning for better security of the product.
Poka Yoke
Free from human handling error on select the temperature profile, loading and unloading process.
Process Control and Traceability
Able to integrate with barcode and RFID to achieve shop floor control and full process tracking.
Convert existing paperwork (track record, temperature graph) into digital form that can keep longer and easy to access.
Remote Operation
Reak time monitoring and immediate alarm triggering to human for any abnormality and guidance/SOP to human.
Insight via inXcite
Centralize dashboard to view all the oven status, running profile, temperature graph, configure settings and search historian data.

What is Sophic Innolocker

Sophic Innolocker is a streamlined process, better inventory control, traceability process storage system.
Unless traditional locker, Innolocker provide keyless features for user access. RFID technology use to identify user information and usage control to locker.

Break free from the traditional
Present the SMARTer storage system

Support integration with external database .
Manageability for multiple smart locker apps (with main server application) for future expansion
Reporting with usage log / export report in excel format.
Remote alert via email or SMS.
State-of -the-art software logs every package drop-off and pick-up for complete parcel tracking and accountability.
Real Time Status
Monitor lock status and receive real-time updates and event alerts for traceability and quicker incident response time.
Better Security
Secure the assets with multi-factor authentication using AES256 encryption and hardware built to CEN rating grade 3 equivalent specifications.
I4.0 Ready
Ready industry 4.0 improving efficiency across factory with highly prepared smart and autonomous technologies.

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