Dashboard Creation

• Build unlimited dashboards, no coding required
• Intuitive drag-and-drop designer
• Choose from 225+ charts and graphs
• Fully customizable dashboard design

User Experience

• Drill down on charts and dashboards for root cause analysis
• Slice and dice data with input parameters
• Access dashboards in any browser
• Receive scheduled reports and email/text alerts

Data Management

• Connect to an unlimited number of data sources
• Take advantage of numerous built-in data connectors
• Data accessed in real-time or warehoused
• Prepare data in the Data Hub, our native ETL tool

IoT-Ticket in brief

• Remote monitoring and control of assets
• Modern, easy to use, web-based UI
• Powerful report creation and analytics
• Big-data enabled and inbuilt security

Usage examples

• Regulatory reporting
• Supervisory monitoring and control
• Operational efficiency and KPI tracking
• Condition monitoring

Complete solution

• IoT-Ticket is a complete remote management
system that includes the electronics, software
and server.


• Use the whole IoT-Ticket platform or part
of it. Use IoT-Ticket electronics or other

Easy to start

• You can use the platform as a service (SaaS or
PaaS) or deploy it on your servers.


• IoT-Ticket can be integrated to your other
information system.


• IoT-Ticket is under constant development
with new features and options.


• IoT-Ticket is developed by Wapice - a reliable
partner of industrial companies.